Kelsie & Mike's Halloween Wedding - 10.31.15 at Stonewall Farm in Oxford, North Carolin

Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_013I had been looking forward to this wedding for most of 2015 and when it finally came to all my expectations had been met! Kelsie and Mike are one couple that's seriously in love and every photo I took of them that day was bursting with their love for each other! The venue, Stonewall Farms, was a beautiful location that fit their wedding perfectly. To the Ferris Wheels with pictures of their years together, the sunflowers, the carnival-themed food and the endless dancing made their day so unique! It's so amazing to see how every wedding I photograph is so different from one another, this one was one of the most unique weddings I've shot and I couldn't be happier that I got to share their special day (:   Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_001Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_002Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_003Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_004Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_005

Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_006.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_007.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_008Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_009Kelsie Mike_wedding_blog_010.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_011.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_012.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_014.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_015.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_016.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_018.jpgKelsie Mike_wedding_blog_019.jpg