Fisher Park

Briana Stone - Senior Session 2015 - Greensboro, North Carolina

This was an absolutely amazing senior session...almost too good to be true! I have done headshots for Briana and her older sister before and was so happy to be doing her senior pictures this year! One thing about Briana is that she a marvelous dancer and I got to do some dancing shots of her as well, which was new to me and I had fun doing. My favorite outfit was Briana's mustard yellow dress and that to-die-for hat that just tied the whole outfit together! Briana, her mother and I were all just so amazed at how well that outfit worked with the location! I gawked over these images for such a long time and I'm so excited to be sharing them with you (: senior greensboro north carolina senior greensboro north carolina photographer Briana Stone_senior2016_blog_003 Briana Stone_senior2016_blog_004 Briana Stone_senior2016_blog_005 Briana Stone_senior2016_blog_006 Briana Stone_senior2016_blog_007 Briana Stone_senior2016_blog_008

Shannon's High Fashion Session - Fisher Park, Greensboro NC (color)


A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of photographing Shannon for a high fashion session and I am so happy withe results! I always love shooting at fisher park and it was the perfect summer day for it, Shannon just GLOWED under that sun and shined in every image! I love how the first half, with her white dress and her hair (which I did) had a totally different feel than the ones with her in the crop top and high waisted shorts. The pears were a nice touch that my assistant thought would add something unique to the shoot and I liked it a lot.  We went from soft and dreamy to a more commercial feel. Shannon did a wonderful job and I am sure loving all my session this summer.

What I love about this shoot is all the colors involved. I love embracing the greens in a photograph and manipulating them some in post to create a more dreamy, film like look. Also enhancing the colors to make the photograph look warmer and more summer like. I love the colors the pears added and how it made the model stand out. However, photographing in an all green setting can get tricky with color bounce--green bounces off the leaves and onto the skin and creates a terrible color cast in the photo--which can be fixed in post!

Shannon_blog_001 Shannon_blog_002  Shannon_blog_004 Shannon_blog_005 Shannon_blog_006 Shannon_blog_007

Collins Family Session / Fisher Park Greensboro NC

Thought I'd finally get around to showing off one my favorite family sessions! What made this session different from the others was that we had to do the session twice due to technical difficulties but each time went over fantastically! The lighting was beautiful that day and even in the middle of December it wasn't too cold outside. I was over enjoyed when I saw that they brought along their new puppy for the photos, which added a nice touch! I am hoping to do some more family sessions soon before summer rolls in. If you would like to have a family session done feel free to contact me at for more info! Collins Family_blog post_001 Collins Family_blog post_002 Collins Family_blog post_003