Lindsey's Graduation Photos / NC State Campus Raleigh NC

This year, for the first time, I had inquires about shooting people's graduation photos for college. As I get older I am doing more senior photos, for high school, and graduation photos, from college, which I really like! Lindsey graduated from NC State this year, majoring in business management, and it was obvious by the way she was glowing that day that she was eager to begin a new chapter in her life! We covered the campus on a warm summer day and had a blast! Lindsey was a delight to photograph and I'm glad I got to spend my afternoon with her! I also love how beautiful the campus is too. Lindsey_GradPhotos_blog_002Lindsey_GradPhotos_blog_004Lindsey_GradPhotos_blog_003Lindsey_GradPhotos_blog_001